Leeds United Badges

Leeds United have had a number of crests and badges over the years, from simple text badges to extravagant, scrolling badges. Below, there is a picture of each badge with a title, description and dates that the badge was used between.

The Leeds City Crest - 1919-1960

This badge was the original Leeds city Coat of Arms and was used for over 40 years, even when Leeds played as Leeds City. Some versions show the same motto as the Leeds Coat of Arms which is 'pro rege et lege' which means 'for the king and the law.' The badge changed quite a lot over the years it was worn and the colours differed slightly on different versions.

The Owl - 1965-1971

The Owl badge is perhaps more suited to Sheffield Wednesday whose nickname is the Owls, than Leeds United. Although there are three owls in the Leeds city crest and they will undoubtedly have come from there. The badge lasted six years and  was eventually ditched because Don Revie believed that birds were bad luck.

The Script - 1971-1973

This simple but stylish Leeds crest is perhaps one of the best of the lot, incorporating a simple 'LUFC' text design. This is a classic badge and remains in the heart of most Leeds fans. Although it only lasted for two seasons, the badge was very popular.

The Smiley - 1973-1976

A classic seventies badge with bubble writing and vivid colours. Easy on the eye and very catchy, overall a very popular badge. However, surprisingly it was only used for three seasons, although it was worn by some of the greatest LUFC players, in David Harvey and Frank Gray.

The Inverted Smiley - 1976-1977

A change of the original smiley badge, the Inverted Smiley is strange not only because of its 45 degree rotation but also because of its decrease in size. It certainly made the letters 'LU' more noticeable but some would argue that this change is destroying a classic badge, and unsurprisingly it was only used for one season.

The Bordered Smiley - 1977-1981

The season after the designers went back to the original smiley but placed around it a circular Leeds United A.F.C. border. The badge survived four years. Certainly a catchy badge and probably my favourite, because it has the bubbly smiley but with the club name bordered around the edge.

The Peacock - 1981-1984

With practically the same border as the previous badge but instead of the Smiley, a peacock was put in. This was because our club nickname at the time was The Peacocks but this is virtually obsolete now. This was a different style badge but it was still popular with the Leeds faithful.

The Rose & Ball - 1984-1998

Probably one of the most popular badges, the Rose and Ball lasted fourteen years. The badge has the Yorkshire rose with the words Leeds United AFC and a football sitting in the middle. A good badge with a good summary of our club.

The European Shield - 1998-1999

The classy script is once again introduced and the Yorkshire rose sits proudly at the top. This seems like a half-finished design and therefore only lasted one season before a predecessor was introduced.

The Rose & Ball LUFC Shield - 1999-current

The current LUFC badge is perhaps one of the best, a cleanup of the European Shield, this badge feels like a revitalised version of the previous one. The only major change is in the middle of the Yorkshire rose, there sits a football, a play on the Rose & Ball crest.